About Me

Marchaé, smiling, sitting at their desk, in front of a bookshelf. Marchaé is wearing a black and white patterned collared shirt, with a silver collar chain

My first writing and editing job was as the editor-in-chief of Eye on Brown. I was 12 and don’t remember much about that time except that my editor’s columns were too long and I wore too many sweater vests.

I’ve loved writing as long as I can remember, and that’s taken me on an unexpected but exciting path. I managed communications for an erotic romance publishing company that gave people (mostly women) a place to publish erotic romance before it was widely accepted by traditional publishers. I’ve worked at two progressive religious headquarters. One of my viral marketing campaigns has popped up everywhere from church buildings to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s book. I’ve been interviewed about speaking out for racial justice, and I’ve edited a book of devotions for social justice advocates.

I’m currently the Communications Director for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and the Director of Programs at Still Harbor, an organization that trains spiritual directors and spiritually grounded facilitators.

When I’m not working, I study creative nonfiction and write essays I’m excited to publish soon.

I think sweater-vest Marchaé would be proud.

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