Marchaé Grair



Spiritual Director.

Overprotective Dog Mom.

About Me

Marchaé, holding her dog, Bigman in her arms like a baby in front of bookshelves. Bigman, a small, white, Maltese and poodle mix, is looking at the camera, with his mouth in a position that could be mistaken for a smile if you don't know how anxious he actually is.

Hi. I’m Marchaé (they/she). My writing examines universal experiences through my perspective of being spiritual, Black, queer, nonbinary, disabled and polyamorous. I write essays about family, identity, and belonging.

When I’m not writing, I’m watching TV, singing karaoke or gospel, or playing the newest Expansion pack of The Sims. I will always feel like a Midwesterner at heart but currently live in New England with my family, friends, and fur babies.

Nice to meet you.

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